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Welcome to MICS

Where you’ll find everything you need to know about Measuring the Impact of Citizen Science.

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MICS platform

The MICS platform provides an easy-to-use tool as an entry into the world of impact assessment. The platform uses a set of 200 questions with pre-defined answers which users can pick from, and provides links to helpful resources as well as recommendations to help increase the impact of the projects.

Under this tab you will also be able to find all the support you might need to use the MICS platform. Our how-to guide takes you step-by-step through the process of registering on the platform, creating a project page and taking the impact assessment. “Where to find help” answers any niggling questions you may have about how best to tackle this impact assessment. Just want to know the 200 questions the platform asks? No problem, we’ve listed them for you on the Questions page.

Impact assessment guidance

The MICS guidance provides insights into the various impacts of citizen science and why it is important to measure them, how citizen-science initiatives can be co-designed for impact, and how to measure their impacts. Here you’ll be guided through available resources such as tools, scientific papers, training materials, and networks, and helped to improve impact assessment.