I want to measure societal impacts of my initiative…
...by assessing its impact on citizen-led research

Aggregate indicator title

Citizen-led research  


Alignment of project goals to the community demands and efficacy of engagement techniques 




Quantitative & qualitative

Primary/Secondary data

Primary data

Source of data


Time series

Yes, evaluation at four stages of a project - early stages, mid-project, end of the project, and post-project

Unit of measurement (observation)

Absolute values & nominal

Unit of analysis


Analytical level (logic model)


Links with indicators in other domains


Data collection method(s)

(online) self-evaluation questionnaires to be completed at four stages of a project - early evaluation, mid evaluation, end evaluation and post-project evaluation - designed to the profile of the respondents (i.e. civil society members, researchers, students, project managers)

Data collection item(s)

Not indicated, but can be derived from the 'indicator building' field

Indicator building
  • Community alignment
  • Responsiveness to community alignment
Availability of data



Moderately resource demanding


The items listed for the indicator building can be used to derive data collection items in simplistic ways. However, sound implementation would need to draw on scientific research in a number of relevant disciplines.

Source of indicator definition

Gresle et al. (2019)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824711.

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