I want to measure societal impacts of my initiative…
...at the individual level

Aggregate indicator title

Individual development


Possibilities for individual development of participants




Quantitative & Qualitative

Primary/Secondary data

Primary & Secondary data

Source of data

Not specified

Time series

Yes, ex ante and ex post

Unit of measurement (observation)

Absolute values & nominal

Unit of analysis


Analytical level (logic model)

Outcome, impact

Links with indicators in other domains


Data collection method(s)

Not specified

Data collection item(s)
  • What are the specific goals to be achieved by the participants?
  • What are the learning outcomes for the individuals?
  • Do individuals gain new knowledge, skills and competences?
  • Does the project contribute to a better understanding of science? 
  • Does the project influence the values and attitudes of participants regarding science? 
  • How much involvement and responsibility is offered to the participants?
  • Does the project foster ownership amongst participants?
  • Does the project contribute to personal change in behaviour?
  • Does the project raise motivation and self-esteem amongst participants?
  • Are participants motivated to continue the project or involve in similar activities?
  • In case of younger students, do they consider a scientific career?
Indicator building
  • Knowledge, skills, competences
  • Attitudes and values
  • Behaviour and ownership
  • Motivation and engagement
Availability of data



Insufficient information to judge

Source of indicator definition

Kieslinger et al. (2017; 2018)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824711.

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