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I want to measure societal impacts of my initiative… the individual level

Aggregate indicator title

Individual learning outcomes (2)


Change in learning that includes cognitive outcomes (the things people know), affective outcomes (how people feel), and behavioural outcomes (what people do)




Qualitative and quantitative

Primary/Secondary data

Primary and Secondary data

Source of data


Secondary: (Publicly available) Project documentations (reports, information on websites, publications etc.)

Time series

Yes, ex ante and ex post

Unit of measurement (observation)

Absolute values & nominal

Unit of analysis


Analytical level (logic model)

Context, input, process, output, outcome, impact

Links with indicators in other domains


Data collection method(s)

Surveys of citizen science practitioners; Professional critique/expert review; Interviews with participants; Focus groups with participants or practitioners; Content analysis; Observations; Examine email/list serve messages; review of citizen science project websites

Data collection item(s)

Not indicated and cannot be easily derived from the indicator building field

Indicator building
  • Change in Interest in Science & the Environment
  • Self-efficacy
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge of the Nature of Science
  • Skills of Science Inquiry
  • Behaviour & Stewardship
Availability of data



Insufficient information to judge 


The concepts used for the indicator building are too complex to derive data collection items  

Source of indicator definition

Phillips et al. (201220142018)