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I want to measure societal impacts of my initiative… assessing its impact on social capital

Aggregate indicator title

Social capital


Resources needed for resilience at the societal level




Quantitative & Qualitative

Primary/Secondary data

Primary and Secondary data

Source of data

Primary: Project partners, participants

Secondary: Project documentations (reports, information on websites, publications etc.); Online repositories (e.g. Science Direct, Google Scholar, etc.)

Time series

Yes, ex ante and ex post

Unit of measurement (observation)

Absolute values & nominal

Unit of analysis


Analytical level (logic model)

Context, input, process, output, outcome, impact

Links with indicators in other domains


Data collection method(s)

Interviews with citizen observatory members and non-members stakeholders; review of project documentations (reports, log-books, etc.); analysis of the initiative tools (platforms, Apps, etc.); literature review

Data collection item(s)

8-10 questions are available for each topic in the indicator building - too elaborate to include here

Indicator building

Formal engagement

• Which community members have a role in formal organizations/institutions (e.g. as spokes persons)?

• The score on the indicator for Communication and decision mode in the institutional outcomes

• People who volunteered time to an organization in the past month.

Trust and belonging (neighborhood)

• Migration rate in a neighborhood

• Perceived ‘togetherness’ of respondents from the community

• People reporting trust in others.

Trust and belonging (online)

• Duration of membership in a relevant online group(s)

• Intensity/frequency of posts in the group(s)

• Diversity of members participating in that group(s)

• People engaging in social networking online.

Helping behaviour

• Frequency and nature of neighbourly help in the community.

• Circumstances under which neighbors would ask each other for help.

• % of people who believe they can rely on their friends in the case of need

Availability of data



Resource demanding

Source of indicator definition

Wehn et al. (201720192020)