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I want to measure societal impacts of my initiative… the individual level

Aggregate indicator title

Value creation 


Joint learning and knowledge co-construction that happened in the context of a participatory transnational project 




Qualitative and quantitative

Primary/Secondary data

Primary and Secondary data

Source of data

Primary: Participants, feedback forms

Secondary: website statistics, social media

Time series


Unit of measurement (observation)

Absolute values & nominal

Unit of analysis


Analytical level (logic model)

Outcome, impact

Links with indicators in other domains


Data collection method(s)

Analysis of feedback forms after interactions (meetings), count of stakeholder participation, social media/website analytics  

Data collection item(s)

Not specified, but can be derived from the following descriptions:

  • Indicators of immediate value include examples such as the company of like-minded people or doing something exciting
  • Indicators of potential value relate to what the community produced that had the potential to make a difference.
  • Indicators of applied value relate to the delivery of training materials in case studies and how the delivery of the professional development changed the knowledge, skills and understanding of the participants in the training.
  • Realized value relate to changes in practice that make a difference to what really matters to participants
Indicator building

Immediate value

Indictors not specified (Collected via feedback forms)

Potential value

  • Tools and documents
  • skills acquired by participants
  • New ways of learning

Applied value

  • Change in knowledge of participants
  • Change in skills of participants
  • Change in understanding of participants

Realized value

Indictors not specified (collected through participant satisfaction surveys

Availability of data



Resource demanding 

Source of indicator definition

Guldberg et al. (2019)